In 2015 and 2016 alone, local governments committed roughly a

Having graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, she was in the musical Miss Saigon, then worked as a session musician, touring with Michael Crawford and doing backing vocals for Robbie Williams and K D Lang. She was working on the BBC’s Lily Savage show when she met Nigel Lythgoe, who was to be one of the judges on the upcoming 2001 TV show Popstars, devised to create a pop group out of wannabe musicians. He encouraged her to enter and she did, on impulse, but was then told that if she wanted to be successful she ought to change her name as Myleene was so unusual.

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Macintosh 128KReleased on January 24, 1984, the very first Macintosh computer was an amazing machine for its time. While the Lisa was Apple first attempt at a mouse driven graphical user interface, it was extraordinarily expensive a whopping $10,000. Just 12 months later, the Macintosh launched at a much more reasonable $2,500..

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