It can be considered a weapon and illegal at that point

115 points submitted 1 month agoThis was my entry for November 2016 Halloween III contest which I had never published until now. Contest entries hardly ever feel complete for me, and I intended to edit and touch up the comic to make it look better, like doing this sort of shading for all the panels and stuff, but I was taking so long and was procrastinating on it so much and it was pushing back other polandball ideas I had, so now I just decided to settle for just adding a few props like a shotgun (stereotypical choice of weapon for zombie media) for Hungary and finally publishing it.So now after much delay I publish this comic when the topic of refugees in EU isn that much of a hot topic anymore, but whatever.The trees in the first panel is a bit of a plagiarism homage to Remember Me by /u/hulibuli, the winning comic of the November 2015 Halloween II contestIf you are wondering what up with the refugees eyes, well they must be very physically exhausted and winded after making the long dangerous journeys from their countries of origin. Oh no I didn intend to make them look like zombies, that would be very offensive.Fun fact: I created the whole “Red Star Network” thing as like this TV channel that is communist in nature sort of like a Soviet Union version of Russia Today (RT).Now, if this Red Star Network is to be used like a more serious concept, it would be like the Soviet response to Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty, in which it would send pro communist/pro Soviet/pro whatever the commies like and anti capitalist/anti American/anti whatever the commies don like messages to not just those in the Soviet bloc, but to bordering NATO/Non Aligned nations and even to the US (though only those in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Southern Florida, Puerto Rico, and other territories in the Pacifc and Carribbean would realistically recieve these messages).But here, the Red Star Network is used in a comedic way, and with a comedic tone in mind, the RSE becomes basically a left wing Fox News.mat4321 1 point submitted 3 months agoOh ok.

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