It’s rare seeing great LT clips

I used Vietnam Visa Pro simply because it was the cheapest, but any online visa service will do. The Kansai region has plenty to fill 10 days with. Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe should fill your time very nicely. I could see him picking up another four or five miles per hour under better conditions. That comparable to the heat guys see today.For all we know, Ruth could been a supreme talent in today modern day baseball or an average player or worse?We know there were some talented pitchers he faced, but how often was this?Were breaking balls really a thing?What were the balls made of that made them travel so far compared to todays game?There are just too many unknown factors to compare Ruth was and always will be an all time great, but baseball history is just too long and complicated to say he was the GOAT or Bonds was the GOAT or whatnot, we can only really compare generational players. He was easily better than Griffey was actually, if you go compare the two Griffey is somewhat overrated as an all around hitter.

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