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‘Cancer killed my dream of being a mum until a perfect stranger offered to have my baby’EXCLUSIVE: Kristi Todhunter, 35, thought her chances of being a mum had gone after she suffered a miscarriage during her fight against cervical cancer then Kendal Cook intervenedChris and Kristi Todhunter now have the ‘greatest gift’ daughter Melissa (Image: John Gladwin/Sunday Mirror)Get daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA woman robbed of the chance of having children by cancer has told how a stranger stepped in to become a surrogate mum.Kristi Todhunter had to undergo a radical hysterectomy just months after suffering a miscarriage during her fight against cervical cancer.The 35 year old nursery nurse thought all chances of having a baby were gone until selfless Kendal Cook heard about her plight.Kendal already had two children of her own and decided she just had to offer to help Kristi, who she had never met, start a family of her own.And four weeks ago Kristi and husband Christopher welcomed baby daughter Melissa into the world.Kristi said: “I will never be able to thank Kendal for what she has done. She has made all our dreams come true.Woman who discovered she didn’t have womb age 19 will become mum after incredible act of kindnessKristi (r) said Kendal (l), pictured pregnant with her baby, made her dreams come true”All I’ve ever wanted is to become a mum. I still have to pinch myself as I hold Melissa in my arms she really is the greatest gift and I feel like the person alive.”And Kendal, 28, said: “I just felt so compelled to help Kristi.

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