While the Nikkei could rise above 10

4. Spotting the meteorsMeteors are made by small space rocks called meteoroids burning up as they hit the Earth’s atmosphere. They create bright streaks of light which vary in style, colour and intensity, depending on when you watch them and their chemical composition.

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moncler outlet Tokyo shares seem likely to face profit taking in the near term, said Masayoshi Okamoto, head of dealing at Jujiya Securities.is probably not a full scale pullback, but it is hard to say how long it will continue and what form it will take, Okamoto said.The benchmark Nikkei index is still down about 4 percent on the week dig this , having retreated from an eight month closing high of 10,135.82 hit last Friday.10,000 level is a gain of roughly 30 percent from the start of April. Anyone would sell if they have a 30 percent profit, Okamoto said.The Nikkei hit an eight month intraday high just below 10,200 last week, up 26 percent from its April 1 intraday low just under 8,100.TRENDLINES BROKEN Tokyo shares have faced profit taking moncler outlet store after their three month rally partly because investors are reluctant to chase share prices higher amid worries that the outlook for capital spending and personal consumption remains cloudy.While the Nikkei could rise above 10,000 again if investor confidence improves, recent market conditions point to some weakness, said Hiroaki Osakabe, a fund manager for Chibagin Asset Management. Rose 1.1 percent to 648 yen and Kawasaki Kisen climbed 2.9 percent to 425 yen.Shares of car battery makers such as GS Yuasa have gained in popularity in recent months as investors flocked to companies seen strong in eco friendly technology. moncler outlet

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